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Mes chorégraphies Country et C.C.S

CCS:(catalan country style)

18 ends                              

a-girl   CCS

Alabama     CCS

alcohol     CCS 

Always with you

American journey     CCS

Another country 

Back road nation

Backseat driver    CCS

Beer rodeo

beer-season      CCS 

Better country    CCS    
broken-feet     CCS

Burn out     CCS


 catalan-road     CCS


Celtic trip

Christmas country    CCS

City girl      CCS

Coming back down   

Country girl

Country family      CCS

Country bro

Country grow

Country jive

Country tonight     CCS

Crazy kat s     CCS

Crazy girls 

dakota-jump   CCS

day-job    CCS 


Diamantina drover    

Don t stop       CCS

Downtime       CCS

Down to the honkytonk   CCS

Drink up   CCS

easy dance for you

El diablo

eldorado   CCS

Emi  danse partner

Fast track  CCS

Feel happy

Fenceposts    CCS

Fifteen    CCS

Fight the fool

Fly   CCS


Fun girl  CCS

Free man  CCS

Fresh start  CCS  

Friendship     CCS

friends-week-end   CCS

Give you time   CCS

God s will  CCS

Gone west  CCS

goodby elvis

Good luck  CCS

growing-together  CCS  

Hang in the girl

Hat town


Hometown hearts

it-s-a-good-boy  CCS

Just a little crazy

Keep cool  CCS 

Keep it up   CCS

Kick stomp go   CCS

King of cowboys

just-a-little-things  CCS

Just about you

Just me

laughter-and-beers  CCS

 let-you-go    CCS  

lifetime friend   CCS

Little ch ti

Little joe   CCS

Long shot cowboy   CCS   

Long time ago

Look around  CCS  

Love is fair

Lucky one   CCS

mama-courtney   CCS


memphis-ropes   CCS

miracle-man   CCS

mitch   CCS

Mountain man    CCS

Must be so

My boss friend     CCS

my-truck   CCS 

Nice and easy   

Nobody s perfect     CCS

No problem  CCS

No stress  CCS

Only you   CCS

Overdue   CCS

Peace & love   CCS

Perfect deal    CCS

pony-town   CCS


rebel   CCS   


Ride me down  CCS

Riser   CCS     

Run away   CCS 

Safe haven


Secret love   CCS


Sheriff want you

Shot of whiskey

Side of you   CCS


southern  CCS 

Speed run  CCS     

Stardust   CCS

Still easy  CCS

Step it out    

stone-marteen  CCS

Stuck on me  CCS


Take your place  CCS

texas line dance

The past behind  CCS 

The same road  CCS

Till the ends

Trick rider  CCS 

trinity    CCS 

Trophy wife

Trucker blood  CCS

Turn back time

Two guns 



 Virginia    CCS 


Wall come down

welcome-to-the-week-end  CCS

Western star  CCS

What s the craic

Whatever it is      

What the heaven

When you smile

Where i go

wine-roses  CCS

Winner     CCS

will-to-try       CCS  


your-feeling  CCS

Your story


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